La Casa de Kiyote

Before the coyotes moved in. Only shortly after. *arooo!*

   Welcome to La Casa de Kiyote. That means "Kiyote's house" or something in Mexican. As you can imagine, you won't find much here. It's a personal webpage. What'd ya expect? :o) You can check out the definitive dictionary of Furry Ohio. and my slowly expanding Picture Pages, or read about What's News here in Ohio.

   In case you're horribly bored, feel free to "peruse" (as my keen pal fEk sez) my jumbled collections of poetry and writing.

   Check out the articles I wrote for the Silicon Valley Outsider.
   'Yotes do love pranks! Here's some of my favorite random acts of mischief.

I've been on some fun vacations! Here's some of the more exciting ones:

Canada/Alaska! I drove there from the Bay Area, CA.
To Australia in 2010. (Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane)
To London and the Isle of Man, where I investigated a case involving a talking mongoose named Gef.
I also went to the one place in the world I always hoped I'd see, Greece.

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   Here's a picture of my loveable, malamute, Kuma out hikin'!
   Here's a recent picture of my not nearly as keen real life human self which can be emailed at

   Drop in from time to time! I update this page about once every six years.