Kiyote's FC 2005 Photo Page

Yay, the con was fun! I got to hang out with a lotta fun people, see lots of fursuits, meet Greenmonkey (He's super cool!) and get a commision, watch Raikawolf DJ at a hoppin' dance, escort Walden around the con, see some Critterlympics, eat some breakfast, chat with pals, and hear "My Buddy" the TV commercial played on piano! But now for the good stuff.. lots and lots of suits! GOTTA remember to take the *entire* pic, otherwise, I miss the paws... I also need a seperate battery-powered flash so I don't drain my battery so quickly. Ahwell.. next year!

Sorry, I don't know alla these suit's names!

Some ancient Egyptian-themed costume
A snow leopard in a robe
Lots of dogs all in a pile!
I think this is one of Santa's forgotten reindeer. Off to the Island of Misfit Toys!
Wasn't this suit in "The Shining"? I'm not sure if I should be hungry or scared!
Show 'em you're a tiger! Show 'em what you can do!
I saw this suit from "Cats" again and again!
Mike Yote's bat suit was super cool!
The bat stretches out her wings!
It's Sly Cooper! I think he stole my heart!
I need to visit the zoo more! I can't remember what this African ungulate is called!
Jimmy Chin hangs out with a fox friend!
Higgins pals around with tomorrow's BBQ cheeseburger!
I think the cuttlefish wants to cuddle!
Mom always said not to play on the stairs!
Mojave and an unidentified friend exchange glances in the night!
Cover your spleen, Mojave! He gets attacked by a giant insect!
Everyone's favorite buck, Walden, strikes a pose!
Dear Penthouse, you won't believe this, but I was in a stairwell with a giant buck when... (Kiyote + Walden!!1)
Yet another Walden pic! This time he's with the unflappable Kyreeth.
A shot of Walden's tail out there for the ladies! Oooh deer!
Ok, I'm not obsessed, but Walden asked me to escort him! So I got lots of pics. Here's Walden with someone...
GreenMonkey was quite stricken by the big buck! Walden looks ready to do a kidnapping!
Raikawolf (DJ Ikkuma) mixes up a set during Saturday night's dance.
I can either post the worst picture of Orzel ever or I can live. I choose life!
Jimmy Chin wants you to meet his little friend!
Raikawolf wearin' a dog collar! Good boy!
Teko and Seth enjoy a moment at the bar, completely unrelated to any furry activities going on around them.
A nice shot of Orzel and Walden, which might keep me alive.
Colson looks happy, Cooner looks annoyed as I frantically motion for Cooner to get in, or out, of the picture but never tell him which!
Kiyote and Vircoo keep the party hoppin'!